HoloQuantum HyperNetwork Theory

Alireza Tavanfar
Instituto de Telecomunicações,
Physics of Information and Quantum Technologies Group, Lisbon, Portugal.

The fundamental, general, kinematically-and-dynamically complete quantum many body theory of the entirely-quantized HyperNetworks, namely HoloQuantum HyperNetwork Theory, ‘M’, is axiomatically defined and formulated out of a unique system of nine principles. HoloQuantum HyperNetworks are all the quantum states of a purely-information-theoretic (0+1) dimensional closed quantum many body system of the abstract qubits of the ‘absences-or-presences’ endowed with a complete distinctive set of abstract many-body interactions among them. All the many-body interactions and the complete total Hamiltonian of M are uniquely obtained upon realizing the kinematical-and-dynamical quantum-hypergraphical well-definedness by all the ‘cascade operators’, the quantum-hypergraphical isomorphisms, the global-phase U(1) redundancies of the multi-qubit states, the minimally-broken equal treatment of the abstract qubits, the maximal randomness, and ‘covariant completeness’. Mathematically, HoloQuantum HyperNetworks formulate in completeness all possible unitarily-evolving quantum superpositions of all the arbitrarily-chosen hypergraphs. Physically, HoloQuantum HyperNetworks formulate all the dynamical purely-information-theoretic states of every realizable quantum many body system of the arbitrarily-chosen quantum objects and their arbitrarily-chosen quantum relations. Being so, HoloQuantum HyperNetwork Theory, M, is proposed as the fundamental, complete and covariant ‘it-from-qubit’ theory of ‘All Quantum Natures’.

Alireza Tavanfar, “HoloQuantum HyperNetwork Theory“, General Physics, Quantum Physics, 2018

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