Found Bank DAQ

Quantum Holopedia supports Found Bank DAQ

Found Bank DAQ provides safe and simple methods to Donate, Fundraise & Invest in projects based on decentralized DLT networks focusing on applications in Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Intellect (AI), Extended Reality and 3D models (XR/VR), and Quantum Computation.

Homo Quanticum Holon & Homo Quantum Holon

Strategy to attain Homo Quanticum Holon & Homo Quantum Holon at Higher Conscious, Counscious and Subconscious levels in the following steps.

Quantum Holopedia Holon is a business institution supporting Space Artilect Mind initiatives derived from the enormous data of fMRI, EEG, MEG, computed tomography and combined fMRI / EEG, MEG / EEG and fNIRS / EEG. Along with algorithms for quantum computers, they build awareness based on distributed networks, towards the development of Homo Quanticum Holon or Homo Quantum Holon with interdisciplinary scientific support of biohology, quantum physics, quantum algorithms for artificial intelligence based ultimately on a distributed network set on quantum computers. In this way, one reaches the Quantum Holon level, as a result of which the Conscious Holon level is formed, thanks to which it is possible to work on organizing the behavioral-therapeutic level.