Quantum Holo ⭘ Step 1 ∞ Quantum Artificial Intellect ∞ Quantum Artilect Quantum Holo, definition of intellectual dimensions (areas)

Projects Algorithm ~ Step 1
Quantum Holopedia Quantum Artificial Intellect
Quantum Holopedia suggests fNIRS and EEG combined device from artinis for neurofeedback.

Quantum Holopedia ⭘ Step 1 ∞ Quantum Artificial Intellect ∞ Quantum Artilect Quantum Holopedia, definition of intellectual dimensions (areas)

The initial step is to create Quantum Artificial Intellect.

Continuous advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and deep learning technologies make it possible for computer quantum algorithms to tackle big data tasks such as medical diagnosis based on recognition of EEG, EPR spectroscopy, fMRI, MEG, fNIRS, X-Ray, and Computerized Tomography scans and well as data from combined systems such as fMRI/EEG, MEG/EEG, and fNIRS/EEG. A joint effort by AI and deep learning companies and institutes to collaborate with companies specialized in holographic and holistic therapies, such as Quantum Holopedia and TimeWaver, and to unify their work and software leads to the creation of Quantum Artificial Intellect.

Telebiofeedback Artilect Holo biofeedback Artilect

[1] Sung-Suk Kim, Keun-Chang Kwak, “Development of Quantum-Based Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Networks“, IEEE, 2009

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