Quantum Holistic Theory

Microcurrent FSM, Quantum Holistic Observer QHO & Quantum Holotherapy By doktor Habdank 

Quantum Holistic Theory: A Comprehensive View of Reality through Intellect and Emotional Consciousness

Quantum Holistic Theory offers a potential bridge between the principles of quantum mechanics and general relativity, suggesting a cohesive and unified understanding of the universe. It proposes that the universe functions under a holistic paradigm, where the intricate behaviors of particles at the quantum level are inherently linked to the curvature of spacetime at vast cosmic scales. In this comprehensive framework, every facet of the universe is interconnected. The role of an observer, steeped in consciousness and intellect, could be paramount in shaping the very fabric of reality.

Deeply embedded within this Quantum Holistic framework is the recognition that Intellect and Consciousness are fundamental pillars anchoring the universe’s Information Field and Quantum Information Field represented in Quantum Centrism. This profound acknowledgment reveals the natural resonance between Quantum Technology and Quantum Biohology, illuminating a path of integrative harmony and holistic well-being.

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Tokens & Technologies & Therapies & Tunnels

DARQ GPT & quantum biofeedback & BQCI

Health Clinic

TimeWaver & Healy ∞ Step by step introduction to electromagnetic personalized child & mother health promotion

Health Clinic TimeWaver & Healy presents basic steps in telebioresonance and holobiofeedback therapy that improves and maintains health and uses prophylaxis for a mother and child.

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DARQ GPT 4T (Tokens & Technologies & Therapies & Tunnels) are business institutions that support Space Artificial Mind initiatives derived from fMRI, EEG, MEG, Computer tomography with holographic displays, and combined fMRI/EEG, MEG/EEG and fNIRS/EEG big data. These modalities coupled with quantum computers and systems like TimeWaver build network∞based consciousness for gifted children that exists within Holon. Health promotion stages are formed by a therapy journal that represents the work done and allows their interaction with the Information Field.


DARQ GPT ~ Multidimensional Entanglements ~ Qudits, (Jianwei Wang, 2018)

DARQ GPT Sign InDARQ GPT ∞ Business Plan

DARQ GPT plans to raise funds for a team that will use tomographic data from various imaging techniques to extract emotional differentiators in the Quantum Internet Network. These differentiators will reduce the dimensions of reality to a spectrum that resonates between people’s levels of consciousness. The team will work on the international level and some previous work on modeling multidimensionality has been done in M theory.

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DARQ GPT Projects
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Step 8

DARQ GPT Projects accompanied by TimeWaver Med

Eight steps algorithm describing personalized quantum health promotion realized with TimeWaver Med supported by Healy and TimeWaver Frequency.

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IIA international vision inspired by: A. Sit, F. Bouchard, R. Fickler, J. Gagnon-Bischoff, H. Larocque, K. Heshami, D. Elser, C. Peuntinger, K. Günthner, B. Heim, C. Marquardt, G. Leuchs, R. W. Boyd, E. Karimi. “High-Dimensional Intra-City Quantum Cryptography with Structured Photons,” Optica, Volume 4, Issue 9, 1006-1010 (2017). DOI: 10.1364/optica.4.001006

Holopedia presents fMRI Volume Viewer
by Alan C. Evans, Ph.D., Principal Investigator at McGill
Centre for
Integrative Neuroscience (MCIN) –

DARQ GPT Introduction to project with special emphasis on gifted children

Collection, curation, distribution, visualization, storage and transfer of big data from brain scanning and 2D/3D mapping devices and systems such as Electroencephalography (EEG)/ functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI), Positron Emission Tomography (PET), and 3D Electron Paramagnetic Resonance / Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (3D EPR / NMR) are the foundation to elaborate holographic and mathematical models (quantum matrix model) of ideal human brain activities and mental states as stimulators for quantum prediction.

These 3D tomographies are stimulators in form of holographic and mathematical models (quantum matrix model). They are used in research and experiments to investigate the implications that quantum system has for the classical system. The experiments are conducted in a way that allows the quantum system to remain unloaded.
Therefore, two parallel processes run in these systems, one in quantum and one in the classical systems and there is no online communication with information about quantum processes.