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Health Clinic TimeWaver & Healy presents basic steps in telebioresonance and holobiofeedback therapy that improves and maintains health and uses prophylaxis for a mother and child.

Step 1 ∞> A human health scan is performed to determine its physiological, electromagnetic, energetical frequencies and to define frequency lists and Information Field and quantum information elements and archetypes useful to improve current health state as well as to use AI to predict potential weaknesses or defects in human immunology as a way to health prophylaxis.

Step 2 ∞> The frequencies obtained during the scan, as well as the resonance frequencies from previously prepared lists found in the process of intellectual health analyses, are applied to the body using specialized generators and devices dedicated to working with specific human conditions (eg contact electrodes: gloves, socks, bands, gel pads, hand cylinders; PEMF pulsed electromagnetic coils; zappers; remote frequency applications on DNA entangled with the human body).

Step 3 ∞> 4D and Hologram representations of the current and desired state of health for neural network traning, to obtain a neural network that modulates autoimmune health reactions.

Step 4 ∞> Methods for health promotion such as herbal therapy, aromatherapy, psychotherapy (self~hypnosis, autogenic therapy) are used as a complementary treatment.

Complex and systematic training and therapies using the above steps with experienced supervision from Health Clinic Telebioresonance and Holobiofeedback, TimeWaver & Healy practitioners lead to positive, stable, and often spectacular results for mother and child.