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Quantum Holopedia ~ Holy Grail in tokenization
Quantum Holopedia ~ Holy Grail SEO for HPA NFTs in teletherapy

Quantum Holopedia ~ Holy Grail SEO: SERPs for HPA NFTs in teletherapy

Quantum Holopedia ~ Holy Grail in SERPs and SEO for HPA NFT in teletherapy

Quantum Holopedia & TimeWaver & Healy ~ Consciousness Entanglement between the therapist and the patient

[1] Marcus Schmieke, “Energy and Information Medicine, the Therapeutic Square and the Deep Quantum Effect” (Energie~ und Informationsmedizin, Heilungsmöglichkeiten aus der Quantentheorie mit Bezug auf den ganzen Menschen), Tattva Viveka, 2018

Quantum Holopedia ~ TimeWaver Cardio ~ Puls Healy watch
Quantum Holopedia Quantum Timewaver Healy Algorithm ∞ Business diagram

Quantum Holopedia’s business concept for Artilect TimeWaver & Healy & Space Artificial Mind.

Eight step Quantum Algorithm Holon ~ Holografic Operating Network for attainment of Homo Quanticum or Homo Quantum with special emphasis on gifted children to be applied using fMRI/EEG, MEG/EEG, fNIRS/EEG & TimeWaver, 3D Tomography and EEG Biofeedback treatment Quantum Holopedia.

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TimeWaver Healy ∞ Way for Life
TimeWaver Healy ∞ Happy Life