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Microsoft’s Bing AI chatbot in Edge web browser and Skype

Teleportation GPT to AI artist imagination
Teleportation GPT to AI artist imagination

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot developed by OpenAI

DARQGPT ~ ChatGPT: The AI chatbot has Everyone Talking to it Vantage with Palki Sharma

DARQGPT ~ ChatGPT Just Got An Upgrade. What Is GPT4? Vantage with Palki Sharma

DARQGPT ~ SINGULARITY AI: Ray Kurzweil Reveals Future Tech Timeline To 2100

DARQGPT ~ AI Tells Human Teleportation Is Possible (GPT-3)

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DARQ GPT ~ Holy Grail in tokenization

DARQ GPT ~ Holy Grail SEO for HPA NFTs in teletherapy

• Distributed ledger technology (DLT): This type of tech functions as a supporting element within cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. It allows data to be stored and shared across a network of nodes, without the need for a central authority or intermediary source. It can be used for enhancing transparency, security, efficiency, and trust in various domains such as finance, supply chain, healthcare, and more source.
Exemplary DLT applicatoin involves parent~child (mother~daughter) tokens, NFT

• Artificial intelligence (AI): This type of tech enables enterprises to automate processes, optimize customer experiences, and enhance decision-making using machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and other techniques source. It can be used for analyzing data, generating insights, personalizing interactions, detecting anomalies, and more source.
Examples: BardGPT, chatGPT, GPT, neurofuzzy, neural netowrk

• Holo reality (HR): This type of tech provides immersive, on-demand experiences using holo reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, and other technologies. It can be used for training, collaboration, entertainment, and more source. It can create new ways for people to engage with the world around them and overcome traditional barriers like distance source.
Examples: Metaverse, Holographic devices, NFT, pyramid

• Quantum Technology (QT): This type of tech leverages the principles of quantum physics to perform complex calculations and operations that are beyond the capabilities of classical computers. It can be used for solving hard computational problems in fields such as cryptography, optimization, simulation, machine learning, and more source. It can offer novel ways to approach and solve challenges that are currently intractable source.
Examples: quantum generator, semi quantum generator

DARQ GPT ~ Holy Grail SEO: SERPs for HPA NFTs in teletherapy

DARQ GPT ~ Holy Grail in SERPs and SEO for HPA NFT in teletherapy

DARQ GPT & TimeWaver & Healy ~ Consciousness Entanglement between the therapist and the patient

[1] Marcus Schmieke, “Energy and Information Medicine, the Therapeutic Square and the Deep Quantum Effect” (Energie~ und Informationsmedizin, Heilungsmöglichkeiten aus der Quantentheorie mit Bezug auf den ganzen Menschen), Tattva Viveka, 2018

DARQ GPT ~ TimeWaver Cardio ~ Puls Healy watch
DARQ GPT Quantum Timewaver Healy Algorithm ∞ Business diagram

DARQ GPT’s business concept for Artilect TimeWaver & Healy & Space Artificial Mind.

Eight step Quantum Algorithm Holon ~ Holografic Operating Network for attainment of Homo Quanticum or Homo Quantum with special emphasis on gifted children to be applied using fMRI/EEG, MEG/EEG, fNIRS/EEG & TimeWaver, 3D Tomography and EEG Biofeedback treatment DARQ GPT.

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TimeWaver Healy ∞ Idea for Life
TimeWaver Healy ∞ Way for Life
TimeWaver Healy ∞ Happy Life