Quantum Holo ⬡ Step 6 ∞ Quantum International Intellect Amplification ~ transform to ∞> Holon Universum Consciousness DARQ GPT

Projects Algorithm ~ Step 6
DARQ GPT Quantum International Intellect Amplification ~ Quantum IIA
DARQ GPT Brain to brain (B2B) communication system overview (Grau 2014)

DARQ GPT ⬡ Step 6 ∞ Quantum International Intellect Amplification ~ transform to ∞> Holon Universum Consciousness DARQ GPT

The sixth step is to expand, advance and maintain Quantum International Intellect Amplification (Quantum IIA). The working principle of Quantum IIA is based on the resonance between at least two parallel processes in two distinct systems such as for example space empathy, that originates in mirror neurons and space thought transference, which has been extensively researched by Network Consciousness Project.

Similar attempts to use network as a predictive tool is presented by Augur project, which provides a platform where people can
bet on their predictions in various areas and thus contribute to the probability distribution estimation
through crowd wisdom.

Mind reading machines projects, based on ELF frequencies coupled with microwave frequencies in the proton resonance range, further support these findings.

Interfaces are made using fNIRS and EEG devices to facilitate communication directly from the brain activity necessary f.ex. for locked-in patients [1].

Virtual Brain QTVB to build and model connection between quantum and holographic dimensions and Multi~Unit Activity Mua applied in combination with neuroimages.

Multi~Unit activity MUA is a method of measuring the electrophysiological responses of multiple neurons using a microelectrode system [2]. It is a key method to study human auditory response and has proven that
high gamma frequency range (>70 Hz) is crucial for auditory cortical processing [3]. It also has
potential to be used as predictor of seizures [4].

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