Quantum~Holographic Informational Consciousness

Quantum~informational holographic model describes brain~consciousness~universe interactions. it derives on the Karl Pribram’s holonomic neural networks, David Bohm’s holographic quantum theory and Hiroomi Umezawa’s quantum field’s non~locality property. This model extends Sir John Eccles’s interactive dualism between brain and spirit interconnected through dendrons and psychons which are quantum microsites. Dr. Riccardo di Biase proposes a dynamic concept where consciousness is seen as a holoinformational flux that interconnects the holonomic informational quantum brain dynamics with the quantum informational holographic nature of the universe. This self~organizing flux is generated by the holographic mode of treatment of neuronal information and can be optimized through practices of deep meditation, prayer, and others states of higher consciousness that underlie the coherence of cerebral waves. In brain mapping studies performed during the occurrence of these harmonic states we can see the spectral array of brain waves highly synchronized and perfectly ordered like a unique harmonic wave, as if all frequencies of all neurons from all cerebral centers played the same symphony. This highly coherent brain state generates the non~local holographic informational cortical field of consciousness that interconnect the human brain and the holographic cosmos. The comprehension of this holonomic quantum informational nature of brain~consciousness~universe interconnectedness allows us to solve the old mind-matter cartesian hard problem, unifying science, philosophy, and spiritual traditions in a more transdisciplinary, holistic, integrated paradigm. In this new arrangement cosmovision, consciousness and transpersonal phenomena becomes part of Science and of the very holoinformational nature of the Holographic Conscious Multiverse.

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