DARQ GPT Global Scaling Theory

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Global Scaling Theory

Logarithmic scale invariance

To say that that something is scale in variant is to say that its properties do not change when we increase or decrease (scale) it, in other words, scale invariance represents universality across a given dimension.

The world we live in is constructed based on logarithmic scale invariance. This can be observed in many disciplines like in Physics [Feynman, Phys. Rev. Lett. 23, 1969, Bjorken, Phys. Rev., 1969, Shnoll, Nauka, 1067, Shnoll, Physics Uspekji 41, 1998], Seismicity [Gutenberg, Princeton University Press, 1954], Biology [Chislenko, Moskow University Press, 1981, Schmidt-Nielsen, Cambridge University Press, 1984, Ahirmunsky, Nauka, 1982], Neurophysiology [Weber-Fechener Law], Mathematics and even Technology [Müller, Volgograd Institute of Technology, 1987, Müller, Volgograd-Sofia, 1989].

Proton resonances


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