Quantum Family Therapy

Mother ~ Daughter Entanglements

Quantum therapy is based on generally understood family therapy where each family member may have different level of influence on the system and the person that needs improvement, but everyone should be included and considered during the analysis and therapeutic process

The most spectacular example where quantum therapy is the most effective are relations between mother and a child, especially mother and daughter, and between twins. The bond is established during the pregnancy where common genes are created and they will function for the rest of life. Thus the quantum mechanisms connecting mother and daughter, or twins are produced and can be activated. Typically, the activation can be done through intuition or in meditation.

Quantum therapy therefore relies on modifying the shared quantum field in such a way that field deviating from the health pattern is eliminated. The source of degeneration must be completely stopped in the system otherwise it will continue to spread and pollute the system. The whole shared quantum field must be transformed into a healthy one.

Introducing therapist's consciousness to the Mother~Daughter system

Understanding these mechanisms and classification of the interactions in the shared system may already work towards the improvement of health. For example, when the therapeutic analysis and proposal is formulated adequately, it may already work in semantic context creating correctly created health patterns that support therapeutic interactions within properly shaped consciousness.

Thus, improving the awareness of the people involved in the issue through interaction with the creation of the information field, quantum systematic review and report of quantum phenomena during the therapy is very important in terms of creating healthy patterns. This is achieved by realizing what are the nonverbal relations, that may stochastically and dynamically manifest in the family member’s interactions.

Another aspect of therapy are quantum phenomena occurring in the human organism such as entanglements, occasionally teleportation or insertion of information field to the organism, not only previously entangled in the system, but also entangled elsewhere.

DARQ GPT’s main approach  is to carefully analyze and systematize the family’s shared quantum field and introduce the therapist’s healthy consciousness into the family consciousness.

This approach is based on and supported by the cooperation between quantum generators interaction and the human organism. Here we distinguish two types of interactions: quantum ~ body and quantum ~ brain. They function differently in the therapeutic sense. In the body, it is based on repairing the Information Field in the genetic system and in the brain, repairing the Information Field that controls the brain.

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