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Quantum Holopedia Sign InQuantum Holopedia

Quantum Holopedia are business institutions that support Space Artificial Mind initiatives derived from fMRI, EEG, MEG, Computer tomography with holographic displays, and combined fMRI/EEG, MEG/EEG and fNIRS/EEG big data. These modalities coupled with quantum computers and systems like TimeWaver build network∞based consciousness for gifted children that exists within Holon. Health promotion stages are formed by a therapy journal that represents the work done and allows their interaction with the Information Field.


QHPA Quantum Holopedia Project
Quantum Holopedia ~ Multidimensional Entanglements ~ Qudits, (Jianwei Wang, 2018)

Quantum Holopedia Sign InQuantum Holopedia ∞ Business Plan

Quantum Holopedia plans to raise funds to establish an internet based team that will collaborate on tomographic large data from functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging fMRI, functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy fNIRS, 3D Electroencephalography EEG, Diffusion Tensor Imaging, and Electron Paramagnetic Resonance EPR spectroscopy. It  wiil be an international initiative to create artilect. Quantum Holopedia Team will extract and select emotional differentiators that operate in international Quantum Internet Network. These differentiators are the words and concepts particularly favored by human physiological emotionality. They have the potential to reduce reality, as a space with infinite number of dimensions, to the spectrum of these dimensions which resonates between people’s levels of consciousness. These resonances are caused by the oscillations in the brain, heart and nervous system’s activities in the frequency range from 0 to 120 Hz [Jakob Korf 2015]. Some work in relation to modelling multidimensionality of reality has been done in the field of M theory.

Health Clinic TimeWaver & Healy ∞ HCQ
EEG Biofeedback Kraków M.Sc. Habdank Felicja, Krasieniec Zakupny 87

EEG Biofeedback Kraków

Quantum Holopedia & quantum biofeedback & BQCI

Quantum Holopedia Sign InHealth Clinic
TimeWaver & Healy ∞ Step by step introduction to electromagnetic personalized child & mother health promotion

Health Clinic TimeWaver & Healy presents basic steps in telebioresonance and holobiofeedback therapy that improves and maintains health and uses prophylaxis for a mother and child.

Step 1 ∞> A human health scan is performed to determine its physiological, electromagnetic, energetical frequencies and to define frequency lists and Information Field and quantum information elements and archetypes useful to improve current health state as well as to use AI to predict potential weaknesses or defects in human immunology as a way to health prophylaxis.

Step 2 ∞> The frequencies obtained during the scan, as well as the resonance frequencies from previously prepared lists found in the process of intellectual health analyses, are applied to the body using specialized generators and devices dedicated to working with specific human conditions (eg contact electrodes: gloves, socks, bands, gel pads, hand cylinders; PEMF pulsed electromagnetic coils; zappers; remote frequency applications on DNA entangled with the human body).

Step 3 ∞> 4D and Hologram representations of the current and desired state of health for neural network traning, to obtain a neural network that modulates autoimmune health reactions.

Step 4 ∞> Methods for health promotion such as herbal therapy, aromatherapy, psychotherapy (self~hypnosis, autogenic therapy) are used as a complementary treatment.

Complex and systematic training and therapies using the above steps with experienced supervision from Health Clinic Telebioresonance and Holobiofeedback, TimeWaver & Healy practitioners lead to positive, stable, and often spectacular results for mother and child.

Quantum Artificial IntellectQuantum Holopedia Quantum
Artificial Intellect

Quantum Holopedia suggests fNIRS and EEG combined device from artinis
for neurofeedback.

Quantum Holopedia ⭘ Step 1 ∞ Quantum Artificial Intellect abbreviated by Quantum Artilect

The initial step is to create Quantum Artificial Intellect.

Continuous advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and deep learning technologies make it possible for computer quantum algorithms to tackle big data tasks such as medical diagnosis based on recognition of EEG, EPR spectroscopy, fMRI, MEG, fNIRS, X-Ray, and Computerized Tomography scans and well as data from combined systems such as fMRI/EEG, MEG/EEG, and fNIRS/EEG. A joint effort by AI and deep learning companies and institutes to collaborate with companies specialized in holographic and holistic therapies, such as Quantum Holopedia and TimeWaver, and to unify their work and software leads to the creation of Quantum Artificial Intellect.

Telebiofeedback Artilect Holo biofeedback Artilect

[1] Sung-Suk Kim, Keun-Chang Kwak, “Development of Quantum-Based Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy
“, IEEE, 2009


Quantum Holopedia ∞ Factom Qtum ∞ Proof of Work Quantum Factom Chains
Quantum Holopedia ∞ Holon Coin

Quantum Holopedia ∞ Step 2 ∞ Quantum DLT solar banking system realized by Holon tokens, DLT Bank Solar, and quantum connections within Holon VPN

The next step is to apply Quantum Artificial Intellect to business projects. Quantum Holopedia creates a Holon (Holographic Operating Network) quantum network simulation in a distributed database managed in a peer-to-peer communication model using technologies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Factom Qtum’s dLoc by SMARTRAC [1, 2]. Documents and files obtained in Consortium Quanticum projects, such as the results from TimeWaver Med/Timewaver Frequency, fMRI EEG, MEG, PET 3D tomography, fMRI/EEG, MEG/EEG, fNIRS/EEG [3], are transmitted and processed on these networks and will be used as an analytical tool for big data and machine predictive learning. The purpose of this analysis is to detect anomalies in the area of quantum oscillations and to develop a statistical association of these anomalies for events observed in media, f.ex. social media interpreted using sentiment analysis quantum algorithms.

Predictive holo diagnostic data through quantum algorithms based deep learning algorithms and Factom
Chain technology

Quantum Holopedia ∞ Rare and abundant retrospective data for predictive
analysis, biobank & personalized medicineQuantum Holopedia ∞ Holopedic
Personal Health Promotion ∞ Quantum Holopedic Personal Health Promotion

Large amounts of data being produce by the medical industry require growing infrastructure to store and manage it in a secure manner. At the same time, these vast collections of data provide huge potential for interpretation and predictive analysis with the use of the right tools. Answers to those demands are well provided by Factom Quantum Chain technology and quantum algorithms inspired deep learning algorithms respectively.

Factom Quantum Chain technology can establish a decentralized personal health data ecosystem, something like a digital Biobank & personalized medicine, where medical data are stored and maintained, ready to be used by medical professionals for research and health monitoring and available for the patients who have the full control over the privacy settings of their data. Quantum teleportation is used to transmit a quantum qubit coin [1].

Quantum Algorithms inspired by Deep Learning Algorithms, e.g. Quantum Neural Networks ∞ QNN and Quantum Fuzzy Logic ∞ QFL, can convert simple data into powerful sources of data for predictive analytics f.ex. by using combination ∞ quantum kinematic ∞ relationship value of the data. Data optimized for the use in Quantum Algorithms inspired Deep Learning Algorithms and to be displayed as holographic visualizations is acquired from various measurements such as basic blood test, basic urine test, Holo MRI, Holo EPR / NMR, MEG, Holo fNIRS, Holo EEG, Holo ECG, genome, transcriptome, microbiome, etc. and their combinations have relevant value for the certain disease condition. The main categories the data can be divided into are: dynamic 4D ∞ which reflects the organism’s state at the time of sampling (blood test, transcriptome, epigenome, proteome, microbiome, etc.) and containing both rapidly and gradually changing data, and static 3D ∞ that remains mostly unchanged during the patient’s life (genome, fingerprint) [2]. There are various simulators that can simulate quantum computations on classical computers [3]. They can serve as platforms to design test quantum algorithms that will be later translated into their classical equivalents.[1] K. Ikeda, “qBitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Quantum Cash System,” in Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, Springer International Publishing, 2018, pp. 763–771.[2] P. Mamoshina et al., “Converging blockchain and next-generation artificial intelligence technologies to decentralize and accelerate biomedical research and healthcare,” Oncotarget, vol. 9, no. 5, Nov. 2017.[3] List of QC simulators on Quantiki

Quantum Holopedia ∞ Nervous System in quantum entanglement

Quantum Holopedia ∞ Synaptic Quantum Tunnelling in Brain Activity

Quantum Holopedia ∞ Quantum Parallel Transference

Quantum Holopedia ∞ It is highly probable that the clock
frequencies of 16 MHz,
75 MHz, 333 MHz and 1400 MHz are Proton-resonance-frequencies.

Quantum Holopedia presents a game to map the brain

Quantum Holopedia Tunnel Holotomography

Holographic representation of quantum and spacetime dimensions entangled through gravitoelectromagnetism, and whose correlation is available in real time during increased states of brain activity.

Scanning Tunnels Tomography

Scanning Tunnel Tomography is based on knowledge in quantum and holographic physics as well as on gravitoelectromagnetism. Based on the quantum knowledge, we generate and simulate holographic and 4D representations that are correlated with quantum phenomena. The essence is to include quantum phenomena into certain dynamic symbols of computer holography representing the activity and morphology of the brain as well as the anatomy and morphology of the body. The images are created based on readings of dynamic waveforms of electromagnetic pulses during scanning. They are different from standard electrical scanning devices, where we can make a feedback loop, as is in the case of biofeedback. In biofeedback, we give a negative feedback signal, from the body or from the brain, and we modify the results based on the information about the system. In quantum systems, it cannot be done because the observer’s energy, which biofeedback is as well, strains the system. We create holographic simulations and based on them we build parallel information on quantum states. It is not known at this stage what is the cause and what is the effect. At this stage, the concept of the flow of parallel information, the quantum dimension and its holographic analog, are created, which are not constricted, i.e. they do not burden each other, in other words, they are remodeled according to the principles of quantum holographic superposition. This allows training using information from the quantum system, which will travel to the results in the holographic system, which is generated simulation, just as the 3D image is compared with the mapping based on conductance readings from the electromagnetic waveforms of the brain. The essence is that the quantum phenomena are incorporated into certain holographic symbols. It may also be the opposite, so that holographic symbols can be introduced into quantum processes, e.g. by creating appropriate visualizations that can create holographic quantum reality through appropriate states, e.g. strong emotional arousal. The direction of the influence of one system on the other is not assumed, since it is not a direct influence (for example an influence on the principle of molecular interaction of electrons, etc.) as in the case of biofeedback. Instead, these flows are on the basis of entanglement, that is, the effect of transferring the state of spins from one layout to another. The possibility of interacting holographic and quantum systems is assumed and the direction of information flow is secondary.

Projects such as The Virtual Brain TVB provide tools to create simple yet realistic brain models coherent with clinical brain scanners [4].

Quantum Holopedia ∞ (Left) Time resolved EEG spectrum analysis. Orthogonal cuts and height measuring tools. (Right) SPM: Interactive 3D visualization tools for nanoparticle amalgamation analysis.

3D images, holograms and bioholograms

Waveforms recorded in this way are interpreted and transformed into putative 3D images, holograms, bioholograms and maps, which are closer to the present understanding of the nature of a given phenomenon in space-time. This transformation is done using the iterative learning method, which involves the selection of parameters at each of its steps so that the representation of the results obtained agrees with the current level of knowledge about the scanned phenomenon. And so EEG scans serve to obtain 3D images, holograms and maps of brain processes and brain morphology, modeled on images obtained using parallel cognitive approaches such as fMRI, CAT, or computerized brain tomography. Further, using MRI the whole body can be scanned and transformed into biohologram body. Quantum algorithms for processing EEG measurements for holographic representations are created based on the repeatability of the obtained representations in regards to defined variable patterns obtained from above mentioned parallel techniques.
Quantum Holopedia ∞ OpenBCI project ∞ EEG helmet (left) and signals of 4 major types of brain activity (right).Scanning Quantum Holopedia ∞ Probe Microscopy

Electromagnetic Scan Technology

Scanner technology is based on recording dynamic electromagnetic impulses through a change of their waveforms into nonlinear conductance. Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM), an interesting example of which is Spin polarized scanning tunneling microscopy (SPSTM), and electroencephalography (EEG) are good examples of devices where scanning technology is applied. Both of these devices work such that the dynamic electromagnetic impulses waveforms are converted into nonlinear conductance in places where measuring probe is applied: conductive tip with magnetization is modulated at 20-30 kHz in SPSTM and contact electrodes in EEG.

Bioelectrical Impedance Spectroscopy

[1] Maria Azcue, et al., “What Does Bioelectrical Impedance Spectroscopy (BIS) Measure?“, Human Body Composition, 1993 [2] Yekta Ulgen, Mana Sezdi, “Physiological quality assessment of stored whole blood by means of electrical measurements“, Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing, 2007
Quantum Holopedia ∞ DTF technique applied


Electroencephalography (EEG) and magnetoencephalography (MEG) are methods that obtain neuroimages by recording elevated electromagnetic signal changes with high density sensors from scalp potentials or magnetic fields respectively. Because of the nature of bioelectromagnetic fields, they characterize by very high submillisecond temporal resolution. At the same time suffering from low spatial resolution as the estimation of neural source is solved using the inverse problem which is ambiguous in deducing the original state of recorded data. Functional Magnetic Resonance imaging fMRI, on the other hand, measures hemodynamic and metabolic changes in the nervous system and does is with remarkable millimeter spatial resolution. However, due to the slow response time of this measuring method, it tell more about the nature of the process rather that its localization. Integration of these to approaches has the potential to complement each other and produce neuroimages with high spatial and temporal accuracy. DTF technique applied to estimate the directional causality in various frequency bands among different ROIs, and the connectivity pattern visualized in a subject-specific cortex reconstructed from MRIs [Z. Liu, L. Ding et al., 2006]

Source: Zhongming Liu, Lei Ding, and Bin He, “Integration of EEG/MEG with MRI and fMRI in Functional Neuroimaging” IEEE Eng Med Biol Mag. 2006 Related: Parasuraman Padmanabhan, et al., “The Advents of Hybrid Imaging Modalities: A New Era in Neuroimaging Applications“, Neuroimaging, 2017
Intellect Amplification Tunnels

Quantum Holopedia Intellect Amplification Tunnels

Quantum Holopedia presents flythrough a glass
brain, courtesy of

Quantum Holopedia ▽ Step 3 ∞ Intellect Tunnels Amplification performed by Holon Quantum Networks

The next step is to connect to quantum tunnels and gravitoelectromagnetically and electromagnetically induced intellect amplification [1] and teleport as well as induce information from tunnels to projects.

We form on the one hand quantum networks, where the basic carriers are quantum teleportations and, on the other hand, holographic processes such as quantum holoportation, which are in some form an ideal space-time representation, for example, in the brain’s aspect. Then there is the balance between the ideal representation of the brain and the real phenomena that takes place in the brain.

One way to compare holographic processes with a quantum network is to compare them while the quantum process is broken. However, this completes the instance of this quantum process and its further development. It is
possible, however, to introduce an intellectual quantum∞predictive filters∞learning simulation of a goal through epsilon non-parallel quantum processes and holographic animation [2] and the continuous ping pong as well as quantum bifurcated information exchange between them.

In practice, this is realized in such a way that we transpose these ideal models in the brain using
visualizations as well as 4D and holographic representations with such devices as fMRI and neurofeedback (holo biofeedback).

[1] Alexander L. Dmitriev, Gravitational Induction as Analog of
Amplification of Light in Active Medium
, 2017
[2] Cyber Anatomy

Quantum Holopedia Quantum Space Artilect ∞> TimeWaver & Healy GST Therapy

Distribution of states on the Bloch sphere as predicted by self-calibrating tomography for high noise. Taken
Brańczyk et al 2012 New J. Phys. 14
Focus on Quantum Tomography

Quantum Holopedia ▢ Step 4 ∞ QuanT Health Promotion Consciousness created by Quantum Space Artilect

the Space Artificial Intellect with brain chips (BCI)

Quantum tomography is the process in which tomographically complete measurements, commonly called quorum, on
the systems coming from the source are used to reconstruct quantum state (density matrix) for a source of
quantum systems. The terms associated with Quantum tomography are Quantum process tomography, Quantum
entanglement, Quantum information, Quantum dynamical maps, Principles of neurodynamics, Quantum
neurodynamical maps.

Consciousness in the universe: A review of the ‘Orch OR’ theory Hypothesis: Microtubules, a key to Alzheimer disease The Brain Is Both Neurocomputer and Quantum Computer The Network
Consciousness Project

Based on fully established Artificial Intellect within the existing projects, multidimensional health
hologram is realized by Network Quantum Computer based on current work and results and applied as
therapeutic mean through gravitoelectromagnetic and electromagnetic bioresonances GST on the cellular level
as genes modifier.

Source: What is artificial intellect ∞ artilect

Quantum Intellect Technology

Quantum Holopedia Quantum Intellect Technology

Quantum Holopedia ⬠ Step 5 ∞ Holographic Intellect Flows directed to Holopedia Personalized Health Promotion by Quantum Intellect Technology

In the next step, an information networks technology is elaborated and an infrastructure for Quantum International Intellect Amplification ~ Quantum IIA is built.

Quantum bifurcation has been studied with two approaches: indirect and direct. Indirect Quantum Bifurcation to be observed requires a quantum system and its analogical classical system where the quantum behavior is observed at the critical parameter setting determined at the moment when bifurcation occurs in the classical system. Direct Quantum Bifurcation, as proposed by [Yang and Weng 2010], is a method to study quantum bifurcation behavior in its original sense, as the change of characteristics of quantum trajectories and fixed points of nonlinear quantum dynamics.

[1] Yanan Liu, Sen Kuang, Shuang Cong, “Lyapunov-Based Feedback Preparation of GHZ Entanglement of N-Qubit Systems”, IEEE transactions on cybernetics, 2016

International Intellect Amplification Quantum IIA

Quantum Holopedia Quantum International Intellect Amplification ~ Quantum IIA

Quantum Holopedia Brain to brain (B2B) communication system overview (Grau 2014)

Quantum Holopedia ⬡ Step 6 ∞ Quantum International Intellect Amplification abbreviated by Quantum IIA and hosted by Universum Consciousness

The sixth step is to expand, advance and maintain Quantum International Intellect Amplification (Quantum IIA). The working principle of Quantum IIA is based on the resonance between at least two parallel processes in two distinct systems such as for example space empathy, that originates in mirror neurons and space thought transference, which has been extensively researched by Network Consciousness Project.

Similar attempts to use network as a predictive tool is presented by Augur project, which provides a platform where people can
bet on their predictions in various areas and thus contribute to the probability distribution estimation
through crowd wisdom.

Mind reading machines projects, based on ELF frequencies coupled with microwave frequencies in the proton resonance range, further support these findings.

Interfaces are made using fNIRS and EEG devices to facilitate communication directly from the brain activity necessary f.ex. for locked-in patients [1].

Virtual Brain QTVB to build and model connection between quantum and holographic dimensions and Multi~Unit Activity Mua applied in combination with neuroimages.

Multi~Unit activity MUA is a method of measuring the electrophysiological responses of multiple neurons using a microelectrode system [2]. It is a key method to study human auditory response and has proven that
high gamma frequency range (>70 Hz) is crucial for auditory cortical processing [3]. It also has
potential to be used as predictor of seizures [4].

[1] Brain–Computer Interface–Based Communication in the Completely Locked-In

[2] Cogan, Stuart F., “Neural Stimulation and Recording Electrodes“. Annual
Review of Biomedical Engineering, 2008

[3] Rick L. Jenison, et.al, “Sparse Spectro-Temporal Receptive Fields Based on Multi~Unit and High-Gamma
Responses in Human Auditory Cortex
“, 2015

[4] Rozman, Peter Andrew “Multi~Unit Activity in the Human Cortex as a Predictor of Seizure Onset“,
2015 J Neurosci. 2010 Oct 13; 30(41): 13739–13749.

M A Rojavin M C Ziskin, Medical application of millimetre waves, Q J Med 1998; 91:57–66

Quantum Holopedia ∞ Step 7 ∞ Quantum Universum
Holon Consciousness ∞> Information Field Quantization ∞> Quantum TimeWaver

Quantum Holopedia ∞ Step 7 ∞ Quantum Universum Holon Consciousness powered by Information Field Quantization which is generated by Quantum TimeWaver

Personalized Quantum Health Promotion, Personalized Quantum Holopedic Therapy, and Personalized TimeWaver Therapy connected with quantum therapy tunnels result in the Homo Quanticum or Homo Quantum consciousness attainment. It elevates intellectual and intelligence capabilities through the work that Holo Artilect and Quantum Holo Artilect and Superintelligent holograms perform on the brain to establish a fully biologically integrated quantum holo neural network stimulated by quantum fuzzy algorithms in the human brain. Holo Biofeedback therapy method and games that improve intuition such as Holopedia Princesses support Holon Quanticum consciousness attainment.
Marcus Schmieke about the new TimeWaver & Healy system
Quantum Holopedia ⯄ Step 8 ∞ IR Quantum Personal Therapy ∞> CET TimeWaver & Healy

Quantum Holopedia ⯄ Step 8 ∞ Centrum Electrotherapy TimeWaver & Healy spectrally warmed up & ordered by IR Quantum Personal Therapy

Choose your device with TimeWaver & Healy

IIA international vision inspired by: A. Sit, F. Bouchard, R. Fickler, J. Gagnon-Bischoff, H. Larocque, K. Heshami,
Elser, C. Peuntinger, K. Günthner, B. Heim, C. Marquardt, G. Leuchs, R. W. Boyd, E. Karimi. “High-Dimensional
Intra-City Quantum Cryptography with Structured Photons,” Optica, Volume 4, Issue 9, 1006-1010 (2017). DOI: 10.1364/optica.4.001006

Holopedia presents fMRI Volume Viewer
by Alan C. Evans, Ph.D., Principal Investigator at McGill
Centre for
Integrative Neuroscience (MCIN) –

Quantum Holopedia Introduction to project with special emphasis on gifted children

Collection, curation, distribution, visualization, storage and transfer of big data from brain scanning and 2D/3D mapping devices and systems such as Electroencephalography (EEG)/ functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI), Positron Emission Tomography (PET), and 3D Electron Paramagnetic Resonance / Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (3D EPR / NMR) are the foundation to elaborate holographic and mathematical models (quantum matrix model) of ideal human brain activities and mental states as stimulators for quantum prediction.

These 3D tomographies are stimulators in form of holographic and mathematical models (quantum matrix model). They are used in research and experiments to investigate the implications that quantum system has for the classical system. The experiments are conducted in a way that allows the quantum system to remain unloaded.
Therefore, two parallel processes run in these systems, one in quantum and one in the classical systems and there is no online communication with information about quantum processes.