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pHolopedia project provides methods for holistic learning for the whole human nervous and neural systems with multiple health benefits. pHolopedia is a portal that provides video based encyclopedic definitions of concepts mainly in the areas concerning holographic reality with electromagnetic, quantum and gravitational aspects.
Intellect Amplification PINS

Telebiofeedback pHolopedia

Most prominently, pHolopedia shares information about neurofeedback therapies with holographic brain activity visualizations with the simulation of neural activity based on actual EEG/fMRI readings during neurofeedback sessions to improve the neurofeedback therapies’ effectiveness. Learn more on pHolopedia fanpage.
DARQ GPT presents Abstract visuzlization of biological neural network by Nick(nxxcxx)

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DARQ GPT presents Pycortex WebGL MRI viewer written by James Gao