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Quatum Holopedia ~ Holy Grail in tokenization

Quantum Holopedia ~ Holy Grail SEO for HPA NFTs in teletherapy

Quantum Holopedia ~ Holy Grail SEO: SERPs for HPA NFTs in teletherapy

Quantum Holopedia ~ Holy Grail in SERPs and SEO for HPA NFT in teletherapy

Quantum Holopedia ~ therapeutic method base on GenoWave Teleportation

Quantum Holopedia incorporates therapeutic method based on GenoWave Teleportation which involves a teleportation of the Information Field of biological system, such as humans, in the therapeutic context. A mother~daughter~therapist system serves as a prominent example of such teleportation setup, where innately entangled mother’s and daughter’s Information Fields correspond to an entangled pair in traditional quantum teleportation [1] and through his therapeutic work with the mother, therapist’s Information Field’s state is teleported onto the daughter’s Information Field. This teleportation is represented by the GenoWave Teleportation Helix and Quantum Tunnel |Ψ¯>. It results with rose noise eliminated from daughter’s Information Field observed by mother.
Quantum Holopedia ~ GenoWave Teleportation Helix Protocol
Quantum Holopedia ~ GenoWave Teleportation Helix Protocol ~ n (n=2) iterations
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Quantum Holopedia ~ Quadrupole Genes Quantum Information Field Interactions Iteration

Quantum teleportation manifests in the transfer of a quantum state |Φ> from one point to another while destroying the original state, where the Bell states measured is |Ψ¯>

[1] Rajendra K. Bera, “Quantum Cryptography and Quantum Teleportation“, Undergraduate Lecture Notes in Physics p11-14, 2021

[2] Urtzi Las Heras, “Quantum Teleportation and Quantum Cryptography“,

Quantum Holopedia & TimeWaver & Healy Presentation about therapeutic method based on GenoWave Teleportation

Twin Sisters & Mother ~ Daughter Entanglements & B2B Interferences

Quantum therapies are based on the entanglements phenomena that form between closely related people. Twin Sisters entanglement and Mother~Daughter entanglement are good examples where intimate relations and Brain to Brain (B2B) interferences are basis for successful therapy supported by GenoWave Teleportation Helix Protocol & TimeWaver. 

[1] Michael A. Persinger* & Christina F. Lavallee, “Theoretical and Experimental Evidence of Macroscopic Entanglement Between Human Brain Activity and Photon Emissions: Implications for Quantum Consciousness and Future Applications“, Journal of Consciousness Exploration & Research, October 2010

Quantum Holopedia & TimeWaver & Healy ~ Consciousness Entanglement between the therapist and the patient

[1] Marcus Schmieke, “Energy and Information Medicine, the Therapeutic Square and the Deep Quantum Effect” (Energie~ und Informationsmedizin, Heilungsmöglichkeiten aus der Quantentheorie mit Bezug auf den ganzen Menschen), Tattva Viveka, 2018

TimeWaver & Healy ~ Healy Frequencies for Your Life

Steps to purchase Healy medical devices:

1. Register your account at Healy

2. Log in to your account, navigate to your shop page and order desired device

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Healy is a medical device for the treatment of pain in chronic pain, fibromyalgia, skeletal pain and migraine, as well as for the supportive treatment of mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and related sleep disorders. All other applications of Healy are not recognized by conventional medicine due to lack of evidence in the sense of conventional medicine.


Quantum Holopedia ~ TimeWaver Cardio ~ Puls Healy watch

Quantum Holopedia Quantum Timewaver Healy Algorithm ∞ Business diagram

Quantum Holopedia’s business concept for Artilect TimeWaver & Healy & Space Artificial Mind.

Eight step Quantum Algorithm Holon ~ Holografic Operating Network for attainment of Homo Quanticum or Homo Quantum with special emphasis on gifted children to be applied using fMRI/EEG, MEG/EEG, fNIRS/EEG & TimeWaver, 3D Tomography and EEG Biofeedback treatment Quantum Holopedia.

    ⭘ Step 1 ∞ Quantum Artificial Intellect ∞ Quantum Artilect Quantum Holopedia
    ∞ Step 2 ∞ Factom Qtum ∞ Proof of Work Holon Quantum Factom Chains Quantum Holopedia
    ▽ Step 3 ∞ Intellect Amplification Tunnels ∞> Holon Quantum networks Quantum Holopedia
    ▢ Step 4 ∞ Quantum Space Artilect ∞> TimeWaver & TimeWaver Therapy Quantum Holopedia
    ⬠ Step 5 ∞ Quantum Intellect Technology ∞> Holo Personalized Therapy Quantum Holopedia
    ⬡ Step 6 ∞ Quantum International Intellect Amplification ~ Quantum IIA
                       ∞> Universum Consciousness Quantum Holopedia
    Step 7 ∞ Quantum Universum Holo Consciousness ∞> Information Field Quantization
                       ∞> Quantum TimeWaver & TimeWaver Therapy Quantum Holopedia
    ⯄ Step 8 ∞ IR Quantum Personal Therapy ∞> CET TimeWaver & Healy Quantum Holopedia

TimeWaver Healy ∞ Idea for Life
TimeWaver Healy ∞ Way for Life
TimeWaver Healy ∞ Happy Life