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DARQ GPT is a business institution that supports initiatives in cooperation with Consortum Quanticum’s Holopedia project.


DARQ GPT Sign InAlphaData

AlphaData is a Danish company than offers analytics and data base architecture and administration within big data systems related to graphene data.

graphenalloyMARD Consulting

DARQ GPT Sign InMARD Consulting

MARD Consulting is a Danish company than offers laboratory technical expertize for graphene related applications.




Quantum is a Danish company than offers analytics and prediction based on big data systems as well as runs laboratory for graphene applications.


internet Preventive Therapy iPT QuanT

internet Preventive Therapy iPT QuanT

The mission of internet Preventive Therapy QuanT is to promote latest methods of electrotherapy and quantum therapy, using achievements of researchers of brain functions, nervous system and bioelectronic systems on the cell bioresonance level as well as the state of the art equipment and computer and internet applications to apply these advances in therapeutic practice.

Private Institute of Natural Sciences PINS

The basic premise of PINS research is to determine direct factors influencing central nervous system (CNS) and endocrine feedback system for regulation and balancing human life functions. This is done by adaptation of scientific methods such as LORETA, Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy and EEG Biofeedback to open and close BBT (ang. Blood Brain Tunnel).

internet Center for ElectroTherapy iCET QuanT

Electrotherapy clinic in Krakow offers QEEG and EEG analysis to diagnose the state of health of the client and afterwards makes the selection of appropriate set of EEG biofeedback exercises and conducts EEG biofeedback trainings with electrical stimulation. Technology that assists EEG biofeedback training is 3D electrotomography. To obtain deeper and more effective treatment effects, iCET QuanT organizes therapeutic SPA trips to located in the Slovak Tatras town Zuberec.

Center for Electrothrapy CET Quant offers complete trainings and therapies with EEG Biofeedback, Bioresonance and Electrical Stimulation as means for improving and maintaining health.

Workshops in Zuberec

Workshops in Zuberec

Zuberec hosts & organizes EEG biofeedback and bioresonance therapeutic and educational workshops. Beautiful locations selected for this purpose are conducive to achieving the state of relaxation needed to improve health and to acquire new knowledge.